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TMRS is a statewide retirement system established in 1947 that provides retirement, disability, and death benefits for employees of participating Texas municipalities.



Mailing Schedule for Member Annual Statements

Annual statements to active TMRS members (contributing and non-contributing) will be sent in four groups this month according to the schedule below. The statements will also be available on MyTMRS at the time they mail. These statements reflect each member’s account balance for the 2016 calendar year and provide estimates of future retirement annuities and beneficiary information.

Mail Date

Member ZIP Codes

March 14

00000 - 75999

March 17

76000 - 77499

March 21

77500 - 78299

March 24

78300 - 99999


2017 Retirement Account Statements Now Available

Statements for TMRS retirees/annuitants will be mailed today, February 13. These statements are already posted online – you may view your statement by logging on to MyTMRS.


1099-Rs and HELPS Tax Statements for 2016

TMRS plans to mail 1099-R forms to all payees receiving 1099-Rs on January 23. The 1099-Rs will also be available on MyTMRS on January 23. In addition, the HELPS Tax Statements for 2016 are available on MyTMRS and were mailed on January 19.


Recent News about Pensions

TMRS would like to assure our members that the news stories about pension problems in certain Texas cities do not involve TMRS. Houston and Dallas have pension programs that are local and independent, not affiliated with TMRS. If you want more information about how TMRS works and how it is different from most other retirement programs, you may find this presentation helpful.


“Transparency Star” Resource Page for Cities

TMRS has posted an online resource page to help cities locate the information needed to apply for the public pension star, one of the five stars awarded under the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts’ Transparency Stars program (application process information here). The Transparency Stars program for local governments aims to recognize transparency in decision-making in several areas, including pensions. The City of Carrollton was the first TMRS city to obtain the Transparency Star for Public Pensions.

TMRS Forms

TMRS forms require a signature and date. Download the form you need, complete it, and sign it. Mail or fax (not both) the form to TMRS. Fax: 512.476.5576. Do not email forms. If you fill the form out by hand, please use black ink, no highlighter.
NOTE: If you are sending a copy or the image of a document (such as a driver’s license) via fax, please use the clearest image possible so the fax we receive will be legible.

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