2016 Retirement Account Statements Now Available!

Statements for TMRS retirees/annuitants were mailed on Thursday, February 4. Annuitants will receive their account statements in the mail in the next few business days, but if you would like to view your statement online, you may do so by logging on to MyTMRS.


1099-R Forms Now Available in MyTMRS

1099-R statements for TMRS retirees are now available on MyTMRS. Your form should also arrive soon in the mail.


MyTMRS® Capabilities Expand

If you are a registered MyTMRS user, you can run retirement estimates, track your service history, make address changes, and verify your account balance. We will continue to enhance MyTMRS with features so you can monitor and manage your retirement account(s) securely online. NOTE: It’s important to keep your email address current with TMRS so we can communicate current and future important updates to you.


Newsletters Available Online

Did you know that current and archived issues of INSIGHT, the TMRS newsletter for active members, are available online? You can read the current issue here.

In addition to INSIGHT for members, cities may view copies of the Main Street newsletter, and retirees may access Retirementwise in PDF format from the Publications page.

If you are a MyTMRS user, later this year we will ask if you want to continue receiving mailed copies of INSIGHT, or if you prefer to receive an e-mail notification when a new issue is available online.


GASB Information for Cities

See the Eye on GASB section of our website, with links to all the material you need for your financial reporting and audit requirements under GASB 68. This page includes your city’s customized GASB Employer Reporting Package, which you can download from a pull-down menu.

TMRS Forms

TMRS forms require a signature and cannot be submitted electronically. Download the form you need. Once it is filled out, sign it. Mail OR fax (not both) the hardcopy to TMRS. If you fill the form out by hand, please use black ink. Do not use highlighter on forms.

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